The Ilcsi Szépségmanufaktúra (Ilcsi Beauty Factory Salon and Spa) opened in May 2015 in the heart of
Budapest in an easily accessible location. It carries all of Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs’ core values and its philosophy.

Ilcsi = 100% Nature

The core value of Ilcsi is the preservation, protection and promotion of the treasures of nature. The secret of Ilcsi’s 60 years of success lies in these treasures. Ilcsi Beautifying Herbs is fastidious when choosing the ingredients, we use in our products. We believe that nature has an effective solution to every problem, so we are proud that, with the help of Aunt Ilcsi and nature, we created the unique Ilcsi professional natural cosmetics, the cosmetics of nature. Our products only contain the highest quality organic ingredients – fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables -, and are made according to the strictest standards of natural cosmetics. We use over 100 different kinds of plants when manufacturing our products, most of which are grown on our own organic plantation (certified by Ökogarancia), whilst the rest are either bought from organic farms or collected in the wild. Our products do not contain parabens, paraffin oil, vaseline, glycerine of animal origin, synthetic colourings, synthetic thickening agents, ethoxylated emulsifiers.

We respect all forms of life; therefore, we do not conduct any tests on animals during the development of our products, nor do we use any animal-based materials. A constantly increasing number of our products have acquired the BDIH certification, that is the strictest, German natural cosmetics certifying institute. Naturally, all of our products are made according to the standards of BDIH. We recommend the wide range of Ilcsi cosmetics to those who prefer natural skin care products, free from side effects. Thanks to its long history, outstanding work, high quality and unique philosophy the Ilcsi natural cosmetics became Hungaricums in May 2014. Ilcsi is proud that not only the clients, but also the industry recognizes its values, as the Ilcsi products have received several awards throughout the years, like the Superbrands Award (10 times) or the MagyarBrands award (5 times). Several of our product novelties have been awarded by the Hungarian Quality Product Award.