The aim of this policy is to provide guidelines to all the people working or staying in the store at the same time.

– By booking an appointment you automatically accept the policies of the store.
– You can book an appointment during opening hours: Monday-Friday: 8 am- 8 pm, Saturday: 9 am- 2 pm. We are only able to confirm an online appointment in the opening hours, thereby we ask you to contact us on the phone if your appointment is for the next day.
– We kindly ask all our clients to arrive for their appointment on time. In case of a delay of 10-15 minutes, the planned treatment might need to be rescheduled or shortened.
– The duration of the treatments indicated on the web page are estimation only, they depend on the skin condition of our quest and might differ from those indicated.
– We ask our clients to refrain from speaking up, talking on the phone loudly or any noisy activities like slamming doors.
– We pay attention to keeping our salon clean. Please help us by avoiding eating any smelly or crumby food or smoking. If you experience any issues with the above, please let our staff know.
– The safety and well-being of our clients and staff is a priority. Therefore, we ask you to cancel your appointment in case of any health issues.
– Children are only allowed with the permission of the other clients and the staff.
– Pets are not allowed in the salon.
– Smoking is forbidden in or next to the salon.
– We ask that you provide us with 24-hours’ notice of cancellation for any appointments. You can cancel by calling +36 20 410 87 40 or the direct number of our colleague.
– If less than 24 hours of notice is given you will be expected to pay for the appointment before booking your next appointment.
– All services are to be payed immediately, the prices are not negotiable, and we do not offer personal credit lines to customers.
– We preserve the right of the amendment of this policy any time.

Valid from 01.04.2019.