I completed the beautician school in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary in 2000, where I was introduced to the Ilcsi brand during my studies. I immediately fell in love with the products. In autumn 2000 I moved to Budapest and started working as a beautician. For me being a beautician is synonymous with caring and nurturing, with my personality it is a pleasure for me to share that with my clients. I always loved to learn, so during the years I have completed several training courses, so that I can offer a wider range of services to my clients: 3D lash extensions, makeup tattoo, pedicure-manicure, artificial nails, qualification for practice trainer for beauticians. In 2014 I also acquired the master beautician degre. Over the last 15 years I have experienced the positive effects of the Ilcsi products on numerous occasions, which have only strengthened my faith, that we can provide effective and long-lasting cosmetic solutions using gentle methods and the power of nature. It is of great pride for me that with my experience and my knowledge as a beautician, I can add value to the professional team of the Ilcsi Szépségmanufaktúra.